How to open a dispute on Aliexpress? How to return an aliexpress product?

Как открыть спор на Алиэкспресс

How to open a dispute on Aliexpress? How to return an aliexpress product?

Most online stores do not provide customers with a refund in the event of a failed purchase. But the Asian service AliExpress was one of the first to start doing this. So what constitutes a dispute?

Как открыть спор на Алиэкспресс
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What it is?

This procedure is a connection between the consumer and the seller and allows you to resolve the conflict if it arises. For example, a client was faced with an incident about the non-arrival of goods, or the arrival of a low-quality copy. In this case, the consumer has the opportunity to create a dispute on the site, during which a refund or replacement of goods is likely.

Also, the dispute allows you to directly contact the seller in order to personally resolve the conflict without the intervention of the company’s administration. And for many sellers it is more profitable, because they do not want to spoil their reputation.

When is it possible to open a dispute?

This option is only available for valid orders. The process can only start six days after placing the order. The dispute is available only until the order is closed. If the parcel is received by another person, the deadline for submitting the application will be reduced to 5 days, so you need to act faster.

How long does it take?

The maximum duration of the proceedings is 90 days after the submission of the application and is possible only if within 15 days the consumer and the seller could not agree.

The scheme includes several stages, starting from sending the goods. Proceedings with the seller can last from 3 to 15 days. Analysis of claims by the administration – up to 90 days.

How do I apply?

In case of difficulties, you must select the item “My orders” in your personal account.

Как открыть спор на Алиэкспресс
1. Login to your personal account
Как открыть спор на Алиэкспресс
2. Order history
Как открыть спор на Алиэкспресс
3. Open a dispute

Next, you need to go to the order of interest and click on the “Open dispute” button. There are only two reasons for using this procedure:

  • The item is not received;
  • the item has been received or delivered to another person.

Depending on the situation, you need to select one of these options in the field for filling in the reason for opening a dispute. So how are these two different?

The item is not received

The most common situation. The main parting word here will be to wait for the end of the delivery period and only then apply. A signal for this may be the fact that the seller did not increase the delivery time.

How to issue an application? Having chosen the option “open a dispute due to lack of goods”, you need to indicate the problem of interest and, scrolling down, describe the essence of the claim.

One has only to do such manipulations, a dispute on this topic is successfully created.

Goods received

Often a conflict arises due to a discrepancy in the quality of goods. Common reasons include:

  • marriage;
  • low quality;
  • damage due to transportation.

The application process is the same as with the previous type of embarrassment, except that you need to select the item “goods received”.

What’s next?

Now you need to figure out the size of the requested amount. It is advisable not to be too impudent and treat with understanding, as clients may have their own shortcomings, such as an incorrect delivery address or excessive finicky.

When the moment of determination has come, you need to scroll down in the dispute registration field and fill in several points, including the amount of compensation and sending the goods back to the owner.

After filling in all the fields, you must press the “send” button, after which the dispute is officially created.

Whether or not to create such situations is the user’s choice. And now some of them know perfectly how to do it.

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