Electronic hand scales with LCD display DEKO DLS095 with Aliexpress

Электронные ручные весы с ЖК-дисплеем DEKO DLS095

Electronic hand scales with LCD display DEKO DLS095

A person often has to weigh something, and, depending on the requirements, scales for various purposes are used for this – industrial, barn, automobile, pharmaceutical, household or kitchen scales. But what if you need the scale to be there all the time, wherever you are? In this case, it is recommended to use a pocket scale that allows you to measure the mass of rather heavy objects – bags, buckets, suitcases or boxes with various contents!

These pocket scales must meet at least three conditions:

  • compact size so that the scales can fit in a regular pocket of clothes;
  • small weight of the scales themselves with a rather large ceiling of the weight of the measured load;
  • reliability of the device and high measurement accuracy so that deviations are minimal.
Electronic hand scales with LCD display DEKO DLS095 with Aliexpress

And there are such scales! This is a portable pocket scale DEKO DLS095 capable of handling loads up to 50 kilograms!

Electronic hand scales with LCD display DEKO DLS095 with Aliexpress

Almost all DEKO devices and tools are distinguished by high quality workmanship, reliability and ease of use, which undoubtedly applies to the DLS095 scales.

Characteristics of DEKO DLS095 scales:

  • it is a portable electronic scales with a liquid crystal display on which information is displayed;
  • weighing limit is 50 kilograms;
  • accuracy of indications 10 grams;
  • according to the principle of operation and design, these are hand scales with hanging loads;
  • the data storage function allows you to save information about the last 10 measurements;
  • work with 4 units of measurement – grams, kilograms, pounds and ounces;
  • tare function;
  • automatic shutdown after 120 seconds of inactivity;
  • a warning system that signals when the battery is low and when the weight is over 50 kg.
  • compact size – length 14.8 cm, width 3 cm, height with a strap 27 cm;
  • the device operates on one CR2032 battery, which is not included in the package.
Electronic hand scales with LCD display DEKO DLS095 with Aliexpress

Scales DEKO DLS095 have a plastic case and a steel suspension, to which a strap is attached. The scope of delivery includes the balance itself and an operating manual. Weighing is carried out with one hand – for this it is enough to fasten the strap to the bag or the handle of the suitcase, attach it to the steel hanger, turn on the scales and lift the load! The weight of the load will immediately be displayed on the LCD of the device.

For what measurements can DEKO DLS095 be used?

Practically for anyone when you need to weigh a load weighing up to 50 kilograms! However, most often such scales are used in the following cases:

Electronic hand scales with LCD display DEKO DLS095 with Aliexpress
  • To weigh your luggage before your flight. The fact is that each airline has its own tariffs and restrictions on the weight of baggage and hand luggage, so before the flight it is recommended to bring them to the specified standards so that there are no problems right before the flight;
  • To determine the weight of the caught fish in the field – what kind of fisherman does not want to know the weight of his catch? And no one will carry bulky scales with them, while DEKO DLS095 scales easily fit in your pocket;
  • For use in summer cottages, when the hostess needs to observe the proportions and weight of ingredients for making pickles and preserves.

Naturally, these are only partial examples of where DEKO DLS095 scales can be used, although the lucky owner of these convenient electronic scales will be able to use them for almost all types of measurements. But for a person who constantly travels and flies by air, DEKO DLS095 electronic pocket scales are simply vital to control the weight of luggage!

Электронные ручные весы с ЖК-дисплеем DEKO DLS095

One has only to buy DEKO DLS095 electronic pocket scales once, and you will never part with them, as it is actually a very convenient and functional tool that will be useful in every person’s household!


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