Huawei Mate XS – smartphone for 200 thousand appeared in Russia

Смартфон Huawei Mate XS

The modern technology company Huawei has released on the Russian market another foldable smartphone with a flexible display, the price of which is very high.

The Huawei Mate XS smartphone is a new flagship, which is an improved version of the device from this corporation, released a year earlier. The device is equipped with a Kirin 990 processor, and also has a more successful 5G version, but at the moment in the Russian Federation this is not entirely relevant. Any resident of Russia will be able to pre-order this smartphone from March 27, but the official start of sales will only be on March 31. By the way, the price of this interesting device is 199,999 rubles.

The Huawei Mate XS has recently become one of the most expensive devices available on the Russian market, surpassing even Apple’s equipment in price. The corporation explains such a high price for the device by the fact that the smartphone has a foldable display, the production of which is currently a very expensive pleasure. All in all, this phone is definitely suitable for people who consider themselves to be connoisseurs of the most modern technologies.

The design of this smartphone allows it to be used in many modes. The Huawei Mate XS has a 6.6-inch screen when folded. At the same time, when open, the device is represented by an 8-inch screen, the resolution of which is 2480 by 2200 pixels / inch. The device has small frames and does not have any cutouts on the display, and you can replace the front camera at any time with the main one, but for this the smartphone needs to be folded.

Thus, Huawei Mate XS is a new generation device that combines both a smartphone and a tablet. This means that the small screen will allow you to follow the news, make phone calls and answer SMS, and do many other simple actions. In turn, with the help of the unfolded smartphone, you can watch movies, play games and do many other tasks!

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Huawei Mate XS на АлиэкспрессУЗНАТЬ ЦЕНУ

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