ICOCO FY3D-Z1 holographic projector with Aliexpress

Голографический проектор ICOCO FY3D-Z1

ICOCO FY3D-Z1 holographic projector

To create a large number of colorful, bright 3D images (in three-dimensional projection), a special device is used – a hologram projector. The FY3D-Z1 uses LED light sources to create video projections. The main feature of the functioning of holographic projectors is the creation of a three-dimensional model of any particular object in such a way that it appears to be floating in the air. This is achieved by rotating the LED image at high frequency and passing the light beam through reverse-projected transparencies. An image of an object floating in the air delights everyone who has the opportunity to admire such a video picture.

ICOCO FY3D-Z1 holographic projector with Aliexpress

Application of FY3D-Z1 series ICOCO brand hologram projector

ICOCO FY3D-Z1 holographic projector with Aliexpress

Thanks to the development and improvement of technologies by which the production of portable holographic devices is carried out, the scope of their use is constantly expanding. They are in demand:

  • in cultural, leisure, entertainment centers to demonstrate complex thematic drawings that are successfully combined with smoke effects to create an atmosphere of a fairy tale, holiday;
  • advertising services, organizations, agencies to create a unique video and informational description of the proposed product, goods, services to attract the target audience and potential buyers;
  • manufacturers of products to create original bright advertising content describing the benefits of the product, its characteristics, properties, parameters;
  • when organizing domestic and international technical, economic forums in order to visually and visually demonstrate new achievements in various fields of activity and create favorable conditions for the formation of commercial proposals;
  • during exhibitions, to display unique exhibits, rarities;
  • in elite restaurants, bars to create a festive atmosphere and attract a large number of customers;
  • in shopping, shopping and entertainment centers, to show new collections of goods and demonstrate their features, advantages, advantages;
  • in museums to showcase unique exhibits in dynamics using animation elements;
  • when organizing concerts, so that the music is accompanied by unique volumetric images.

Benefits of a portable holographic player

ICOCO FY3D-Z1 holographic projector with Aliexpress

The advantages of a 3D holographic image projector include:

  • the ability to show images in the form of colorful graphics, animation, thematic videos;
  • a high level of holographic visualization, ensured by the introduction of advanced technological engineering developments in the field of modern holography;
  • the use of a holographic 3D screen-fan allows to significantly expand the possibility of showing the demonstration of advertising content;
  • the ability to control the creation and display of holographic images using the wireless Internet – WI-FI;
  • compactness, since the dimensions of the device are 435 in length, 120 in width, and 0 125 millimeters in height;
  • low power consumption, because only 15-50 watts are enough for the normal operation of lighting equipment;
  • large viewing angle, which is 160 degrees.
ICOCO FY3D-Z1 holographic projector with Aliexpress

You can order and buy an inexpensive compact universal holographic projector on the website of the Aliexpress Internet hypermarket. Information on technical characteristics and price is available in the electronic catalog of the site.


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