Car radio Fongent KD1280 Android 9.0 with a large HD monitor 12.8 “in Tesla style

Автомагнитола Android 9.0 с большим монитором HD 12,8 " по типу Теслы

Car radio Fongent KD1280 Android 9.0

Music in the car is great! However, in the modern digital world, in which new technologies with ample opportunities stimulate the demand for multifunctional devices, a conventional radio tape recorder in a car is no longer enough! And even radio tape recorders of an enlarged 2 Din format can no longer satisfy the demanding needs of today’s youth! And this is understandable, because although these radio tape recorders have a convenient LCD display, it is still small in size! In addition, many models of such radio tape recorders are very limited in their functionality, and only offer customers the opportunity to listen to songs, watch videos and use the navigator, if a particular model has such a function!

Автомагнитола Fongent KD1280 Android 9.0 с большим HD монитором  12,8" по типу Теслы

But what if you want the multimedia system to have the same big screen as in Tesla cars? Naturally, other car manufacturers do not have exactly the same built-in systems, but the problem can be solved differently!

To do this, you need to purchase a car radio with a large screen, such as the Fongent KD1280 radio tape recorder! Although it has a standard 2DIN body, it has a 12.8-inch rotating screen! With such a screen, you immediately get the feeling that you are inside the legendary Tesla car!

Автомагнитола Fongent KD1280 Android 9.0 с большим HD монитором  12,8" по типу Теслы

Features of the Fongent KD1280 radio tape recorder:

  • Fongent KD1280 is a universal radio tape recorder for all types of cars, which has a socket for installing multimedia systems in size 2 DIN;
  • the radio tape recorder runs on the Android 9.0 operating system with 4 GB of RAM and 32 GB of built-in memory;
  • 12.8-inch HD display has a maximum resolution of 1920 * 1080;
  • capacitive touch screen allows easy control of all system functions;
  • DVD player allows you to watch videos of most popular formats;
  • built-in AM / FM tuner – this is the ability to listen to radio in a wide frequency range;
  • Wifi module allows you to connect to the Internet to navigate and download multimedia files;
  • Bluetooth support provides a significant expansion of the system’s capabilities by connecting various devices, for example, your smartphone for control, or Bluetooth tire pressure sensors to show this information on the display;
  • dual navigation support is achieved by built-in GPS and GLONASS modules with installed maps;
  • rear view camera support;
  • in addition to standard audio and video outputs (tulips), you can order a radio with HDMI output if necessary;
  • multiprocessor control chips accelerate the response time of programs and the operating system itself, which, when completely turned off, boots in just 20 seconds, and comes out of sleep mode in just 1 second;
  • the split-screen function allows two programs to work simultaneously, for example, you can tune in the radio or start a game without turning off the navigator;
  • the display of the radio tape recorder can be used as a mirror display of a smartphone by connecting it to the radio tape recorder either with a usb cable, or via Bluetooth!
  • control of the multimedia buttons on the steering wheel is supported, the functionality of which depends on the specific car;
  • the radio tape recorder has a standard ISO output, which connects to most car audio preparation pads, but for Toyota, Honda or Nissan, you can choose models with connecting pads for these cars!
Автомагнитола Fongent KD1280 Android 9.0 с большим HD монитором  12,8 по типу Теслы

In addition to the radio, you can purchase a 3g / 4g modem, a rear view camera, air pressure and tire temperature sensors, an OBD module for reading vehicle errors to make the system even more functional!

Автомагнитола Fongent KD1280 Android 9.0 с большим HD монитором  12,8 по типу Теслы

The large rotating screen of the radio tape recorder is not only convenient for navigation and working with the system, but also an excellent anti-vandal solution, since the screen can be easily unscrewed from the socket, disconnected the connecting block and taken with you so that it does not attract the unhealthy attention of asocial representatives of society!

Автомагнитола Fongent KD1280 Android 9.0 с большим HD монитором  12,8" по типу Теслы

One has only to buy a Fongent KD1280 car radio, so that you can feel like the owner of the legendary Tesla car!


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