5 Useful Aliexpress Products That Will Help You Part 2

5 Полезных товаров с Aliexpress, которые вам пригодятся 2-часть

1. Magnetic sponge for cleaning dishes with a narrow neck

Магнитная губка для чистки посуды с узким горлышком

Every person has at least once met with the problem of cleaning the inner surface of the bottle. The shape of ordinary shop sponges is not suitable for hard-to-reach places. Therefore, you should pay attention to a special brush for cleaning dishes. It consists of two parts held together by a magnetic field. It is enough to place the flat part of the product in the bottle, it will immediately stick to the handle. The surface of the washing part is made of rubber and has a ribbed structure. The brush effectively removes dirt from hard-to-reach places in the bottle. After use, the sponge can be easily cleaned under running water.

2. Sausage cutter

Сосисочный резак

Weekend BBQ fans should check out the sausage cutter. The device, made in the shape of a spiral, will help to make wavy cuts on the meat product. This manipulation will allow the sausages to cook evenly and not burn on one side. The advantage will be the complete impregnation of the semi-finished product with sauce or marinade. Place the grilled sausage in a hot dog bun and drizzle with the special meat liquid. So it will better absorb the sauce and give the appetizer a unique taste.

3. Siphon cap

Крышка непроливайка

The sippy lid is a real find that will pleasantly surprise housewives. The kitchen device is made in the form of two rubber covers of different diameters. With its help, you can no longer be afraid of the “escape” of milk, broth, porridge on the surface of the stove. The smaller flower-shaped lid opens upward to prevent liquid from spilling out. The product is suitable for use as a regular lid for storing food in the refrigerator. For lovers of healthy food, there is a steamer function. Place the lid on a pot of water, open the flower, and place vegetables or legumes on top. The steam will gently cook your food while preserving the beneficial vitamins.

4. Gamepad for smartphone or tablet

Геймпад для смартфона или планшета

Playing on a smartphone or tablet will become more convenient and interesting with a gamepad. The gadget has two handles with keys and a rubber recess for the gadget. The absence of wires for connection is one of the significant advantages. Synchronization of devices occurs via a Bluetooth system. Sliding handles will help to adapt the device to any size of smartphone or tablet. The non-slip surface of the gamepad will provide a firm grip on the base of the structure and prevent the gadget from falling out of the device.

5. Mobile disco ball

Геймпад для смартфона или планшета

Party lovers will not be able to pass by the mobile disco ball. The device is made in the form of a crystal with a USB connector. Bright LED light bulbs shimmer with all the colors of the rainbow. It is enough to plug the gadget into the socket of a computer or tablet and the room will be illuminated with colored lights. Listen to your favorite songs and have fun. The disco ball will be appropriate for any holiday or home party. Invite guests and enjoy a pleasant pastime with music.

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