5 best non-contact thermometers from Aliexpress

5 Лучших бесконтактных термометра с Алиэкспресс

1. ELERA E102 infrared digital thermometer

Инфракрасный цифровой термометр ELERA E102

Multifunctional digital thermometer ELERA E102 uses infrared radiation and therefore measures temperature in a non-contact way! The thermometer has four modes of operation for measuring the temperature of a child and an adult on the forehead and inside the ear, as well as the temperature of objects and can store up to 40 readings in memory! The measurement range of the human body temperature is from +35 to + 42 ° С, and the temperature of objects is from 0 ° С to 100 ° С! The thermometer display not only shows the temperature, but also changes color depending on the reading. So when the temperature rises above 37 °, the screen turns yellow, above 38 ° it turns red, while at normal body temperature the display turns green!

2. Infrared non-contact thermometer Windray

Инфракрасный бесконтактный термометр Windray

A distinctive feature of the Windray infrared non-contact thermometer is the increased measurement distance, which ranges from 5 to 15 centimeters! The range of body temperature measured by the device is from 32 ° C to 42.9 ° C, and the measurement accuracy is 0.1 ° C! The thermometer needs 2 AA batteries, which are not included in the package! The thermometer allows you to measure not only the temperature of the human body, but also the surrounding objects. In this case, the desired mode is selected to measure the temperature of surrounding objects in the range from 0 to 100 ° C. If desired, in the settings, you can choose a unit of measurement between degrees Celsius and Fahrenheit! Convenient non-contact Windray thermometer will allow you to measure the temperature of a person’s body in just a couple of seconds!

3. Infrared non-contact thermometer FEBUD

Инфракрасный бесконтактный термометр FEBUD

The FEBUD non-contact thermometer will allow you to measure body temperature from a distance of 3-5 centimeters in a matter of seconds. The measuring range from 32 ° C to 42.5 ° C allows you to measure the temperature of the human body and even pets. The lightweight and easy-to-use FEBUD thermometer is equipped with a digital display on which all the necessary information is displayed. In the settings, you can specify the unit of measurement, choosing between degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit! The thermometer requires 2 AA batteries, which are not included in the package and must be purchased separately! When inactive for 15 seconds, the thermometer automatically turns off to save battery power!

4. IR digital thermometer Cofoe Infrared Thermometer

ИК цифровой градусник Cofoe Infrared Thermometer

The non-contact infrared thermometer Cofoe Infrared Thermometer has two modes of operation – “Body” – for measuring body temperature, and “Surface” – for measuring the temperature of surrounding objects. In the first case, the measurement range is from 34 to 43 degrees Celsius, and in the second case, from 0 ° to 100 ° C! At temperatures above 37 ° C, the display glows yellow, and if the value rises above 38 ° C, a warning red color turns on! At normal temperature, the display color is green! Before turning on the thermometer, you need to buy and install 2 AAA batteries in the compartment of the device handle! On the thermometer, in addition to the “start” button, there are 3 more control buttons – one of them switches the measurement mode, the second turns on and off the sound notification, and the third is designed to record and view the measurement results in a memory cell in which you can store the last 50 measurements!

5. Medical IR Thermometer Yongrow YK-IRT1

Медицинский ИК-термометр Yongrow YK-IRT1

The Yongrow YK-IRT1 infrared medical thermometer is highly accurate! In literally 1 second, the thermometer will show the body temperature on a digital display, which, depending on the readings, turns green in the normal temperature zone, a yellow warning color at t ° above 37 ° and red at readings above 38 ° C. By holding the Power button for 3 seconds, you can convert the units of measurement between Celsius and Fahrenheit! When measuring the temperature in the ear, remove the protective cap and take the measurement! This is very convenient, which explains the popularity of this thermometer among health workers!

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