15 popular construction products from the Joom website

15 популярных строительных товаров с сайта Joom

1. Flexible shaft with bit holder for electric drill

1. Гибкий вал c держателем бит для электродрели

When working with screws and self-tapping screws, sometimes you have to tighten or unscrew them in such inconvenient places, where it is difficult to crawl even with the shortest screwdriver! But this problem is easily solved by using a flexible drill shaft! A flexible shaft 29.5 centimeters long is attached at one end in a drill or screwdriver chuck, and bits are set on the other end! With the help of a flexible shaft, you can crawl into the most inconvenient places and easily unscrew any self-tapping screw or screw! A flexible shaft equipped with a bit holder is useful for anyone who needs to work with a drill or screwdriver! And when assembling or repairing furniture and plumbing, this shaft will really be an indispensable assistant for every master!

2. AC tester

2. Тестер переменного тока

There are many testers to determine the phase conductor in an AC household electrical network, most of which are contact testers! But the advantage of this tester is that it is contactless! One has only to bring the tip of the tester to an outlet or switch, as light and sound signals are triggered, warning of the presence of voltage in the network! Moreover, the tester starts signaling only if you brought it to the phase wire! Such a tester will definitely come in handy not only for professional electricians, but also for home craftsmen! It will be very easy to repair or replace switches, sockets or carry out new wiring if you have such a tester at hand, which can also serve as a miniature flashlight!

3. Multifunctional high precision laser level meter

Многофункциональный высокоточный лазерный уровнемер

This compact multifunctional laser level meter is a must for every DIYer! The level gauge is equipped not only with a laser pointer, with which you can make markings during repairs, but also with a tape measure, rulers and liquid levels! An 8 meter tape measure, as well as a centimeter and inch ruler on opposite edges of the tool, will allow you to take any measurements during construction and repair! And liquid levels – horizontal, vertical and inclined at 45%, will make it possible to set everything at the right angle to the horizon! The level is sold with batteries installed, so after purchase you can immediately start using it in work!

4. Network cable stripper

Нож для зачистки сетевого кабеля

It is almost always necessary to strip the insulation from the ends of the wires before wiring! It is very inconvenient to do this with a knife or wire cutters, as the wiring itself is often damaged, especially if it is very thin! In this case, it is best to use a dedicated tool! For example, this knife for stripping a network cable may well be used when stripping electrical wires from insulation! Using such a knife, you can be sure that you can easily clean the wires from insulation without damaging them! A knife for stripping a network cable is needed both for those who are engaged in the installation of electrical and cable networks, and for those who like to fix everything at home with their own hands!

5. Bit for screws with damaged caps

Бита для винтов с повреждёнными шляпками

If there is a problem with unscrewing screws whose sockets in the caps are damaged, then extractors come to the rescue! The extractor is a special bit that cuts even into the damaged socket of the screw head, and unscrews it in most cases without problems! In this set you will get 4 reversible extractor bits that will fit almost all screws and self-tapping screws! Eight different extractor tips allow you to unscrew even the most problematic rotated screws! This set of extractors will come in handy in a service center, in a home workshop, and even in every home, since everyone can face the problem of damaged screw heads!

6. 360 Degree Allen Wrench

Универсальный гаечный ключ 360 градусов

Socket heads are very handy for loosening bolts and nuts, but you need a whole set of sockets for that! However, you can buy one universal wrench instead, which rotates the heads 360 degrees! This universal wrench not only replaces 8 different socket wrenches at once, but also allows you to turn bolts and nuts at different angles! The two rotating heads at the ends of the key are equipped with 8 sockets from 8 to 19 mm! These dimensions are most often found in any technique, so the universal key is useful for car owners, motorcyclists, and even tractor drivers.

7. Hot glue gun

Термо-клеевой пистолет

This 20W hot melt glue gun is very high quality and well worth taking a look at! Rapid heating of the rod allows you to start gluing parts made of glass, wood, fabrics, plastic and other materials almost immediately! This gun works with the common 7mm diameter rods, so you can buy them from the hardware store whenever you need them! The hot melt glue gun allows you to reliably glue parts made of various materials, so it is very popular with those who love to tinker with something! Therefore, such a gun should be in every home workshop and garage! But in life it can be useful to every person!

8. Soldering stand

Стенд для пайки

The soldering stand is an indispensable assistant for those who are engaged in the repair of radio electronics! There is always a problem with small parts – no markings are visible on them, the conductive paths are too close to each other – and all this must be carefully soldered so that the conductors on the board are not short-circuited! But now these problems will become a thing of the past if you use a special soldering stand! Convenient clamps, two magnifying glasses and an LED lamp will allow you to carry out soldering work with surgical precision, because under a huge magnifying glass, small parts become so large and accessible for work!

9. Spray gun handle for aerosol cans

Ручка краскопульт для аэрозольных баллончиков

Many people today use spray cans to paint small parts. And many people know how inconvenient it is to press the spray head with your finger! And if you need to tint a lot, then the finger starts to hurt at all! To get rid of such inconveniences, it is worth purchasing a spray gun made specifically for working with aerosol cans! Before starting work, you just need to insert the head of the spray can into the socket of the spray gun, and it is ready to work! Now, just like on a conventional spray gun, you just need to press the lever of this pen to spray paint! It is a pleasure to work with such a spray gun!

10. Tools for chipping concrete walls

Инструментов для штробления бетонных стен

When working with concrete structures, as well as with modern foam blocks and aerated concrete blocks, it is often necessary to make grooves for laying communications, as well as when reinforcing masonry! It takes a very long time to make these channels, that is, “strobes” by hand, and sometimes it is almost impossible if it is a very strong concrete! In this case, an electric tool for chipping concrete walls, powered by a 220 volt network, will help! The depth of the groove is set with special stops, and the maximum it can be 40 mm, the groove width depends on the number of diamond discs inserted into the tool! A convenient and reliable tool, equipped with a laser pointer, is useful to everyone who is engaged in construction!

11. Plumbing wrench

Сантехнический ключ

When installing and repairing plumbing, people are often faced with the fact that it is very inconvenient to connect and fix the flexible hose to the sink, since the attachment point is behind the siphon! In this case, you can use a special plumbing wrench! The wrench is equipped with multifunctional inserts that allow you to tighten any nuts of the flexible hoses! But the main advantage of this plumbing wrench is the presence of slots into which the hoses themselves are inserted during operation! Thus, the hose itself is inside the wrench and does not interfere in any way with unscrewing or tightening the union nut! This plumbing wrench is needed not only by plumbers, but also by almost every person, since it is very easy to replace plumbing hoses with it yourself without calling the master!

12. Construction stapler

Строительный степлер

This universal construction stapler is useful not only for construction and repair, but almost always in everyday life or in a home workshop! The versatility of the stapler is that it works with three types of staples! These are rectangular staples from 4 to 14mm in length, U-staples in 10-12mm lengths and T-staples in 10 to 14mm lengths! Durable and reliable tool is made of stainless steel, which eliminates rust, and the rubberized handle will not rub calluses on your hand! A reliable multifunctional stapler is useful in everyday work for a master furniture maker or builder, and for an ordinary person to perform various works in the house, garage or workshop!

13. Solder suction tool

Инструмент для всасывания припоя

For those who are engaged in soldering, and especially in the repair of radio electronics, a vacuum pump for suction of solder is definitely needed during operation! The lightweight tool, made of aluminum tube, allows you to pump out the molten solder from the board with a simple movement of the hand! This will avoid a short circuit between the conductive strips of the board and the adjacent contacts of the radio components! After cooling down, it is enough to open the pump cover and shake out the accumulated solder! It will not be difficult to do this, since the lead-tin solder does not stick to the aluminum, from which the pump body is made!

14. Impact screwdriver

Ударная отвертка

Many screws, such as car door screws, are very difficult and often almost impossible to loosen even with a large screwdriver! Yes, and in everyday life you have to deal with such cases when it is impossible to unscrew a rusty screw on furniture or automotive equipment! An impact screwdriver will help to cope with this task, which by an order of magnitude increases the force acting on the screw head! One has only to attach the tip of the screwdriver to the head of the screw and hit the screwdriver sharply with a hammer! The set with the impact screwdriver comes with 8 different replaceable bits for different types of screw heads!

15. Drill rivet adapter

Заклепочный адаптер на дрель

If almost every person has a drill, then the riveting tool may not be at hand! But it doesn’t matter if you have a drill rivet adapter that works with the standard rivets sold at every hardware store! Along with the adapter are supplied keys for maintenance, as well as three tips for working with rivets of different diameters – 2.4; 3.2; and 4.8mm! The length of the adapter is only 16 centimeters, and the diameter of the wide part is only 6 centimeters! The versatility of the adapter is that it is suitable for working with any drills and screwdrivers! Simply fix the adapter shaft in the drill chuck and the riveting tool is ready for use!

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