15 Best Solid State SSD Drives for Gaming PCs with Aliexpress

15 лучших твердотельных SSD дисков для игрового ПК с АлиЭкспресс

15 best solid state SSD drives from Aliexpress

SSDs are the best option for any modern PC or laptop. With no moving parts and fast transfer rates, you can speed up your operating system, system files, and even solid-state games. However, the cost of most SSDs is still quite high even in 2021. And it’s best to buy them on the Chinese marketplace AliExpress, where you can find models with the best price-quality ratio.

1. XrayDisk M540 Internal SSD

Внутренний SSD накопитель XrayDisk M540

One of the most popular SSD drives on Aliexpress. It differs in a reasonable combination of price and features – the most profitable options will be versions for 240 and 480 GB for 2150 and 3700 rubles, respectively. Moreover, the write speed on the SSD reaches 500 MB / s, and the read speed – 550 MB / s. Among the features of the model are a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty, and a sleek metal case that increases shock resistance without increasing the weight of the drive. Also worth noting is the fast connectivity and form factor suitable for both PC and laptop. Almost the only drawback of the model is a small SLC cache, when filled up, the speed noticeably decreases.

2. Internal SSD KingSpec Q-XXX

Внутренний SSD накопитель KingSpec Q-XXX

A model suitable for all computers – both desktops and laptops. It has good performance indicators – 450–500 MB / s when writing, within 500–570 MB / s when reading. On sale there are options for 360 and 720 GB, the price of which is not much different from HDD with the same volume. Among the features of the drive – a three-year warranty, minimum power consumption and good shock resistance. The disadvantages include only the lack of thermal protection, which is why the SSD heats up with prolonged use. Although this parameter does not affect either the stability of work, or the safety of data.

3. Internal SSD KingFast F6Pro / F10

Внутренний SSD накопитель KingFast F6Pro/F10

Compact model, or rather, a whole series of drives ranging from 128 GB to 2 TB. It features a relatively affordable price and a decent read and write speed – 550 MB / s and 450 MB / s, respectively. And also – the minimum power consumption, at the level of only 2 watts. Buyers leave mostly positive reviews about the operation of the SSD, noting the lack of noise during operation, high-quality assembly and original minimalist design. Among the minuses, only the complex connection of the drive to the system is noted.


Внутренний SSD накопитель WEIJINTO WS-SSD

A model of a manufacturer little-known among Russian buyers, characterized by a wide variety of options. The lineup has versions for 256, and for 360, 180, 120 and 500 GB, and even 1 TB. The price of all SSDs is below the average offerings of other brands, with a warranty period of 3 years. However, when choosing this drive, you should pay attention not only to the cost, but also to the speed. At WEIJINTO WS-SSD, this figure is significantly lower than in most other models – the read throughput is in the range of 50-330 MB / s, while writing – up to 150 MB / s.

5. Internal SSD Goldenfir

Внутренний SSD накопитель Goldenfir

Stylish-looking solid state drive that supports all modern and even outdated, such as Windows XP platforms. Among the options for this SSD that are on sale, you can find drives of 60, 64, 90 and 96 GB, suitable for installing the OS and storing system files. For a gaming computer and storing large files, you should choose the larger versions – from 250 GB to 2 TB. All versions from 120 GB have good speed characteristics. When reading the throughput reaches 550-580 MB / s, while writing – 500-540 MB / s. The manufacturer guarantees a free replacement for 3 years.

6. Internal SSD KingDian

Внутренний SSD накопитель KingDian

A model that differs both in an affordable price, and good shockproof characteristics, minimal noise and power consumption. Write bandwidth is around 515 MB / s, but may vary depending on version. The same reading reaches 560 MB / s. The drive is compatible with all modern operating systems, suitable for desktops and laptops. The warranty period is 3 years. But, despite the good parameters, the model is not suitable for gamers – when copying large files, the speed drops noticeably.

7. Internal SSD MIXZA MX1-SSD

Внутренний SSD накопитель MIXZA MX1-SSD

The average cost of a MIXZA MX1-SSD is quite consistent with its speed characteristics. The model costs a little less than most drives from other manufacturers. But the write speed reaches only 330MB / s. Reading is carried out with a bandwidth standard for such drives – about 500 MB / s. Among the features of the SSD – stable operation for at least 10 years – according to the manufacturer, the model can work for a 28-year period. The range includes all popular volumes – from 60 to 960 GB. The body is shock-resistant, but relatively heavy due to the use of metal.

8. Internal SSD SAMSUNG 860 Evo

Внутренний SSD накопитель SAMSUNG 860 Evo

A storage device that is notable for its fast, but stable data transfer rate. The specifications indicate that the read throughput is 550 MB / s, and the write bandwidth is 520 MB / s. and even when transferring a large amount of data, both parameters remain almost unchanged. The advantages of this model include high reliability of data storage, thanks to the shock-resistant case, and easy connection. And on the manufacturer’s website you can find a proprietary utility for convenient data transfer and operating system. True, the price of an SSD-disk is on average 30-50% higher in comparison with similar models of the same volume.

9. Internal SSD HIKVISION HS-SSD-C100 & Minder-S

Внутренний SSD накопитель HIKVISION HS-SSD-C100&Minder-S

In the model range of HIKVISION HS-SSD-C100 & Minder-S drives there are versions from 120 to 1920 GB, the cost of which is lower than the average for such SSDs. Their average operating speed is 520 MB / s when writing and up to 560 MB / s when reading data, higher than the average for inexpensive models. On the plus side, the SLC cache is sized to maintain bandwidth even when copying large files. However, if the cache runs out, the direct write speed can be very frustrating for the user.

10. Internal SSD Kingston SA400S37

Внутренний SSD накопитель Kingston SA400S37

An interesting product of a well-known brand. Differs in high cost, but provides good bandwidth. Reading speed – up to 550 MB / s, while writing data – about 450 MB / s. The model weighs only 41 g, and the manufacturer gives it a 3-year warranty. The positive aspects of using the drive are the metal case, which provides good shock resistance, and Kingston’s proprietary utility for analyzing the state of the SSD. The disadvantages include the lack of thermal spacers, which can cause the case to heat up.

11. Internal SSD LVCARDS LV-S3

Внутренний SSD накопитель LVCARDS LV-S3

One of the most inexpensive models on the market. Moreover, it has received a high read speed – up to 500-580 MB / s. True, the real write bandwidth is only 150-350 MB / s. But the warranty period is standard, 3-year, there is support for most platforms, including Windows XP and 7. Among the features of the drive – short access time, minimal heating during prolonged use and the ability to work in the temperature range from 0 to +80 degrees. And also – protection against shocks and falls, lack of noise and a wide range of modifications, from 60 GB to 1 TB.


Внутренний SSD накопитель WESTERN DIGITAL WDS120G2G0A

Model of one of the most famous drive manufacturers. It features high read and write speeds – up to 540 MB / s and up to 456 MB / s, respectively. And it also weighs only 32 g and is suitable for both a PC and a laptop, taking up a minimum of space and almost no heating during use. Among the features of the WDS120G2G0A there is a 3-year warranty, stable operation and a choice of 120, 240, 480 and 1000 GB volumes. True, the plastic from which the SSD case is made is not very durable, and the cost of the drive is higher than that of the products of little-known brands.

13. HUANANZHI Internal SSD

Внутренний SSD накопитель HUANANZHI

Solid state drive capable of operating stably over a wide temperature range (0 to 70 degrees) and humidity up to 95%. Due to its universal dimensions, it can be installed on desktop PCs and laptops. Reading speed – up to 480-560 MB / s, writing – up to 350 MB / s. The model is highly shock-resistant and has a 3-year limited warranty. And when writing and reading information, it consumes only 1.1-1.3 W of electricity. Moreover, the cost of such a disk is below average in this category of drives.

14. Internal SSD ORICO H100

Внутренний SSD накопитель ORICO H100

Buying an ORICO H100 drive, you can count on impressive performance – writing at 520 MB / s and reading at up to 520 MB / s. And another interesting feature and reason for buying this SSD is not a 3-year warranty, but as many as 5. Buyers can choose a version from 128 GB to 12 TB. The drive comes with a screwdriver and screws for secure installation in a laptop or desktop PC system unit. And the aluminum body adds strength without noticeably increasing weight over plastic.

15. Internal SSD RCESSD

Внутренний SSD накопитель RCESSD

Housed in a metal casing, the drive is attractive and durable compared to most SSDs. Moreover, it weighs only 60 g and provides high speed – up to 550 MB / s when reading and up to 530 MB / s when writing. The model is compatible with all modern operating systems, can be installed in a laptop or desktop computer case. And you can choose models with a capacity of 120 GB to 2 TB. Moreover, the cost is lower than the average for this type of discs.

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