13 Useful Attachments for Screwdriver and Drill from Aliexpress

13 Полезных насадок для шуруповерта и дрели с Aliexpress

Products from the video:

  1. Pump nozzle for pumping liquid
  2. Flexible spring for sewer cleaning
  3. Drill rivet adapter
  4. Holder for quick change of screws
  5. Jigsaw attachment for metal
  6. Multifunctional drill stand
  7. Saw attachment with blades for wood and metal
  8. Nozzle for stripping and twisting wires
  9. Nozzle for making large holes in concrete
  10. Mortar stirrer
  11. Guide for drilling at a given angle
  12. Dust collector for clean drilling
  13. Flexible shaft for hard-to-reach places
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