10 modern electric bikes from Aliexpress

10 современных электро-велосипедов c Aliexpress

If you are thinking about buying a modern electric bike in the Aliexpress online store, but you are at a loss in your choice. Perhaps this selection will tell you, since it contains the most worthy and high-quality bicycles that have received a high rating and positive reviews from many buyers.

1 Winter electric bike NAKTO N20S

10 modern electric bikes from Aliexpress

The NAKTO N20S winter bike is equipped with a powerful 500 W electric motor powered by a 12 A / h lithium battery with a voltage of 48 volts. Wide tires of 4 inches and a diameter of 26 inches create the necessary softness while riding and allow you to safely move on loose snow. Fully charging the battery requires up to 6 hours of time, which will subsequently make it possible to drive up to 60 kilometers without recharging. The NAKTO N20S is a non-folding single-seater e-bike with an average speed of 30 km / h, although it can accelerate downhill to 50 km / h. The lightweight aluminum alloy frame provides the bike with a light weight of 33 kilograms and at the same time structural strength. The front shock absorbers swallow the bumps in the road and, together with the resilient tires, dampen vibration when driving over rough terrain. Gear shifting is performed by the reliable SHIMANO system, and the 3.5-inch LCD display allows you to monitor the status of the system! The NAKTO N20S is a great electric bike, perfect for winter riding!

2 Mountain electric bike AOSTIRMOTOR S17

10 modern electric bikes from Aliexpress
TDE17 26

Mountain single electric bike AOSTIRMOTOR S17 is equipped with a brushless engine with a power of 500 W, powered by a lithium battery with a capacity of 13 A / h, producing a voltage of 48 volts. Charging this battery takes 6 to 8 hours, resulting in up to 60 kilometers of travel on a full charge. The bike speed can reach up to 45 km / h. To illuminate the road, an LED lamp is attached to the steering wheel, and a reflective reflector is installed at the back. A comfortable, soft ride, even on dirt roads, is provided by thick 4-inch tires, as well as rear and front shock absorbers. The lightweight and at the same time durable frame made of a special aluminum alloy provides a bicycle weight of only 30 kilograms, easily supporting an adult. System status can be monitored on the steering wheel-mounted LCD display showing basic data such as time, speed, distance traveled and battery level. The TDE17 26 electric mountain bike is great for daily use, even when there are no paved roads.

3 Mini e-bike V1

10 modern electric bikes from Aliexpress
электровелосипед V1

The V1 mini electric bike is not suitable for long-distance travel, but is perfect for urban conditions due to its compactness and maneuverability. A lithium battery with a capacity of 6.6 A / h, which needs to be charged for about 3.5 hours, allows you to travel up to 25 kilometers at a speed of 25 km / h. Due to its compactness, the V1 electric bike is marketed as a bike for women. Although, with its small size, it is able to withstand the weight of a cyclist up to 120 kilograms. Small wheels of 12 inches, weighing about 14 kilograms, as well as the possibility of folding, allow not only transporting the bike in the trunk of a car, but also easily dragging it and even transporting it in an elevator! Thanks to all these characteristics, the V1 bike is perfect for everyday city travel! An electric motor with a power of 250 W is enough for a comfortable ride, and a waterproof electric motor and battery will allow you to operate the V1 electric bike, regardless of weather conditions!

4 Mountain electric bike KONTAX B223P

10 modern electric bikes from Aliexpress

The KONTAX b223P mountain electric bike is equipped with a strong electric motor, the power of which reaches 750 W, which will allow it to reach a maximum speed of 45 km / h, although it is recommended not to exceed 25 km / h for driving in economy mode. In this case, the driving range without recharging can reach up to 60 km. The KONTAX b223P is a single-seat, non-folding electric bike with a durable carbon plastic frame. Front and rear disc brakes and an eight-speed SHIMANO Altus derailleur make it easy for even a novice cyclist to control the bike. Front shocks dampen shock and vibration, while large wheels with wide 4-inch tires ensure a smooth ride even on rough roads. KONTAX b223P, this is a real mountain bike for those who do not need roads to climb the tops of mountains and hills! With this lightweight and surprisingly comfortable bike, any journey will be much more comfortable!

5 Electric bike ALIENOZO

10 modern electric bikes from Aliexpress

By its design, the ALIENOZO electric bike has classic features, and therefore is suitable for those who do not like unnecessary frills. Riding this bike, which has a rigid frame and regular pedals, you can even forget that it is electric! But as soon as you start the electric motor, you will feel that it takes you into the distance, developing a speed of up to 35 km / h. The bike frame is made of carbon fiber and the wheel rim is made of aluminum alloy. This ensures lightness and sufficient strength of the bike, which weighs only 17 kg! SHIMANO 10-speed derailleur and modern hydraulic disc brakes provide comfortable speed and high braking performance! The ALIENOZO electric bike is suitable for both men and women of all ages, as classic bicycles do not lose their relevance at all times! Equipped with a 7.8 Ah lithium battery and a 36 volt electric motor, the ALIENOZO bike will be a reliable tool for your daily commute!

6 Electric bike GEDESHENG

10 modern electric bikes from Aliexpress

The GEDESHENG electric bike, with a 240 W electric motor, is perfect for both daily commutes and outdoor activities! The bike accelerates to 30 km / h and at the same time can travel up to 60 kilometers on a single charge. In combination mode, where the cyclist assists with the pedals, this distance can be even greater. GEDESHENG is a single-seater e-bike with an aluminum alloy frame, 26-inch wheels and efficient disc brakes. An economical brushless electric motor and a 27-speed transmission allow the bike to feel comfortable not only on flat trails, but also to drive up a hill with a slope of up to 17 without using the pedals. The GEDESHENG bike can be purchased in one of four color combinations – black-red, black-yellow, black-blue and black-green. Convenient and unpretentious GEDESHENG electric bike will appeal to everyone who touches this miracle!

7 Electro-bike HRTC-250

10 modern electric bikes from Aliexpress
HRTC 250w

The HRTC-250 electric bike is equipped with a 250 W electric motor and 28-inch tires. This allows us to say that the HRTC-250w bike will perfectly work out any unevenness of rough terrain. A 250w electric motor paired with a 7.8 Ah Samsung lithium battery allows the bike to reach speeds of up to 30 km / h. In this case, the high-speed modes are set by the SHIMANO switch, which has 27 positions! Braking is provided by high-performance disc brakes located on both wheels. The bike frame is made of carbon fiber reinforced plastic, the rigid non-folding version. The stylish design of the fast lines of the bike is very attractive, and the ride on it is so comfortable that you can’t help falling in love with the HRTC-250 electric bike from the very first ride! The HRTC-250 is a great everyday bike for those who love a comfortable ride!

8 Electric bike HRTC 48v1000w

10 modern electric bikes from Aliexpress
HRTC 1000w

The luxurious single electric bike HRTC 48v1000w can travel up to 60 kilometers without recharging. To do this, you only need to fully charge the 48-volt lithium battery. The brushless electric motor with a rated power of 500 W at peak loads can deliver up to 1000 W of power. The HRTC single electric bike can reach speeds of up to 50 km / h. A tough, lightweight aluminum alloy frame, thick tires and efficient air-hydraulic shock absorbers provide durability and an unrivaled ride. A snow tire with a special tread allows the HRTC bike to feel free on the winter road, easily overcoming a puddle of snowdrifts. The HRTC bike is great for winter use, but it can also be used easily all year round! The controller’s LCD display allows you to see the current system metrics such as speed, battery level, distance traveled, time and more!

9 Electro-bike TDE 18-1

10 modern electric bikes from Aliexpress
TDE 18-1

The TDE 18-1 electric bike can reach speeds of up to 47 km / h and travel up to 60 kilometers without recharging. This is ensured by a powerful electric motor and a highly efficient 10.4 Ah lithium battery. The 500W electric motor is capable of a lot, and thanks to its power, the bike can easily cope with the weight of an adult. Moreover, the aluminum alloy frame has a sufficient margin of safety. Shock and vibration are effectively reduced with thick and resilient 4-inch tires, high-performance front shock absorber and rear damper for additional ride cushioning. The TDE 18-1 electric bike can be effectively used in any conditions, both on a good road and on rough terrain, for example, on mountain walks or on the beach! Stylish design and power of the motor attract many buyers who, having bought TDE 18-1, have never regretted their choice! The TDE 18-1 is a really comfortable bike!

10 Electro-bike EUNORAU FAT-HD

10 modern electric bikes from Aliexpress

The EUNORAU FAT-HD single seat electric bike stands out for its reliability and high level of comfort. The 500 W electric motor is powered by a 15.6 Ah lithium battery. Such a power pair allows the electric device to reach speeds of up to 50 kilometers per hour, overcoming up to 60 kilometers on a single charge. EUNORAU FAT-HD is a very comfortable bike for every day. The lightweight yet robust frame is made of aluminum alloy and disc brakes provide superior braking performance. The wheels are 26 inches in diameter, and they are equipped with fenders, which is very convenient in bad weather. Despite its apparent simplicity, the EUNORAU FAT-HD is a very convenient and very comfortable electric bike. The gearshift mechanism SHIMANO, which has 7 positions, allows you to select the desired driving mode depending on conditions. Simplicity of design and high reliability distinguish this model from other electric bicycles!

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