10 useful auto products from Aliexpress that will make life easier for any car owner # 3

10 полезных автотоваров с Aliexpress, которые упростят жизнь любому автовладельцу #3

1. Ultrasonic Rodent Repeller

Ультразвуковой отпугиватель грызунов

Rodents often penetrate into the engine compartment of cars, destroying wiring and rubber products, and they must be dealt with in advance! An ultrasonic rodent repeller connected to the vehicle’s on-board network will help in this. Consuming a negligible current of 20 mA, the rodent repeller is not able to discharge the car’s battery, even if it has not been started for weeks! This ultrasonic anti-rodent device is especially useful for those who park their cars in rural areas, as well as near forest belts and woodlands. In addition, this excellent device will help you have a quiet picnic in nature, since in an area of ​​30 square meters near the car there will not be a single living creature that can interfere with your rest! It is very easy to connect and turn on the device, and every car owner can do it without any problems!

2. Universal phone holder

Универсальный держатель для телефона

In a car, it is often necessary to fix the phone in front of the driver, for example, to record the movement with a camera, watch movies while relaxing, or when using the phone as a navigator. This can be done using the universal phone holder. Thanks to the expandable clip, the holder is able to grip any smartphone over 2 inches wide! When purchasing, you can choose one of two types – with a fixed fixation and with a rotating holder body! The universal holder is attached to the front panel of the car in front of the driver, that is, above the recess in which the control devices of the car’s systems are located. After installing the holder, all that remains is to open the clip and install the phone in it!

3. Ultrasonic cleaning of spare parts

Ультразвуковая чистка запчастей

Many auto parts, components and assemblies fade over time, rust and become contaminated with adhered oil. In order to effectively clean them, it is worth using an ultrasonic bath to clean the parts. Ultrasound in a minute is able to clean any acidified surface, giving it the natural color of a new part! An ultrasonic bath can be used to clean any parts in everyday life, for example, toys, interior items, antiques! But a good master in the garage, and even more so in a car service, must have this ultrasonic cleaner for parts! Buyers are offered a huge selection of 12 standard sizes of ultrasonic baths, ranging from 0.8 liters to 30 liters! The dimensions of the largest ultrasonic cleaner are 50 cm in length, 30 cm in width and 20 cm in height. Almost any auto parts can be cleaned in such a bath!

4. Anti-theft biometric fingerprint scanner

Противоугонный биометрический сканер отпечатков пальцев

To fully protect your car from theft, you can use a biometric fingerprint scanner to start the car. Up to 120 fingerprints can be stored in the scanner memory, and therefore you can download prints not only of all your fingers, but also of those relatives whom you trust to use your car. The fingerprint scanner is powered by an AA battery, which lasts for almost two years, as its charge allows you to read the print pattern up to 8000 times! When the battery is low, a warning appears, after which the scanner can be used up to 30 more times. As a last resort, a mechanical key can be used to unlock. To install an anti-theft scanner on a car, you will have to contact an auto service center!

5. Electric pan 12/24 / 220v

Электро кастрюля 12/24/220в

For those who constantly travel long distances, a multicooker powered by the car’s on-board network is very useful in the car! When buying, you can choose an electric pan that works from a 12 or 24 volt network, although there is also a stationary version that works from 220 volts. The volume of the multicooker pan is 1.6 liters, which is quite enough for 2-4 people. A device operating from 12 volts has only a power button, and you will have to control the readiness of food on your own according to the operating time. But the multicooker for truckers, operating from 24 volts, is made in two versions – in addition to the mechanical version only with a switch, you can choose a programmable version that has 6 cooking modes! With this electric multicooker, food in the car will be cooked while driving!

6. Fire extinguisher


A fire extinguisher in a car is needed when going through a technical inspection, but you need to understand that it can be very helpful in a critical situation, and therefore you definitely need to buy it! This compact powder fire extinguisher takes up little space as the cylinder height is only 290 mm with a diameter of 55 mm. Despite its compactness, a powder fire extinguisher copes well with local fires, and thanks to the pressure in the cylinder, the powder jet instantly blows out the fire! In order to protect yourself and your property from fire, such a fire extinguisher will be just right! In a car, in a motor boat, in a motorhome and even in an ATV or a regular motorcycle, this fire extinguisher will guarantee a quick elimination of the fire source. It must be remembered that a fire extinguisher in a car is not only to show it to a traffic inspector, but above all for your own safety!

7. Folding mattress

Складной матрас

All those who love long journeys by car should take a closer look at the folding mattress for crossovers and SUVs. This mattress can be easily folded down so that it takes up little space in the trunk, and just as quickly unfolded in the back seat of a car. The mattress is designed for a load of 150 kilograms, so it is suitable not only for children, but also for two adults of average build. The wide range of color solutions is amazing, as the buyer can choose a mattress of one of twelve colors! For long trips, such a folding mattress should definitely be bought, because as soon as it unfolds on the back seat of an SUV, its interior turns into a cozy place to sleep!

8. Multifunctional gadget

Многофункциональный гаджет

When driving a car, you constantly have to charge gadgets such as smartphones, tablets, wireless headphones and even camcorders. For these purposes, you need a charger that is compatible with all these gadgets! Therefore, you should pay attention to a multifunctional device that will cope with all these tasks! But this is not a simple charger, as it can also be used as a flashlight thanks to the built-in 240 mAh lithium battery. In this case, the lamp can shine with white light for illumination, as well as red as a warning lamp in case of emergency! If the car has this multifunctional device that works and is simultaneously charged from the cigarette lighter, then problems with charging and lighting will be forgotten forever!

9. Mirror with blind spot sensor

Зеркало сдатчиком слепых зон

The blind spot detection system helps the driver in emergency situations when the interference is not visible in the rearview mirrors. The blind spot monitor is an electronic device with sensors installed on the rear bumper of the vehicle. When another vehicle approaches, which is out of the driver’s line of sight, the system signals an obstacle to the right or left. LED lamps on the mirrors themselves or in the car in the area of ​​the right and left mirrors begin to signal with a bright yellow light, warning of danger. The blind spot detection kit includes all wires, clamps, sensors, center unit, LED lights and installation manual. The system is connected to the vehicle electrical system with a voltage of 12 volts!

10. Protecting the car battery from full discharge

Защиты аккумулятора автомобиля от полного разряда

If you do not start the car for a long time, or if you forget to turn off the light or other energy consumer, the car battery will be discharged very quickly. To prevent a complete discharge of the battery, it is necessary to use a protective device connected directly to its terminal. Depending on the availability of free space near the battery, you can choose a device connected to the positive or negative terminal. The length of the protective block is only 10 cm, the width is 8 cm and the height is 6 cm. By connecting the device to the battery terminal, and the power cable to the terminal of the device, the motorist will forever forget about the problem of battery discharge, since when the 50% of the discharge is reached, the protective device is triggered, cutting off the power for battery protection.

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