10 useful auto products from Aliexpress that will make life easier for any car owner # 10

10 полезных автотоваров с Aliexpress которые упростят жизнь любому автовладельцу #10

1. Polish


Over time, many surfaces in the car lose their former luster and become unsightly to perceive. To update the car interior with minimal investment, it is worth working on the plastic and leather surfaces to return them to their former freshness! To do this, there is a polish, using which, you can again return the novelty of the newly purchased car to the interior details! The polish in a plastic can is sprayed in an aerosol state, so you must adhere to safety rules and do not spray the contents near an open flame. On previously washed and dried surfaces, spray with polish and rub with a dry soft cloth, for example, flannel! And everything will shine at once! The polish is perfect for polishing car panels, door cards, leather seat covers and other items made of plastic, leatherette or leather. You can use polish not only in the car, but also at home, for example, for polishing furniture.

2. TPMS system with mini monitors in the form of a button

Система tpms с мини-мониторов в виде кнопки

To improve safety and comfort, Toyota drivers should buy a TPMS system to monitor the air pressure in the tires. The TPMS unit is installed in the panel and connected to the vehicle via OBD plug. This completes the connection and no additional configuration is required. The liquid crystal display shows the air pressure in each of the 4 wheels of the car. When the air pressure in the wheel decreases, a digital value showing its pressure and painted over with a red background immediately signals to the driver that there is a problem associated with a decrease in air pressure in the wheel. Using a TPMS system to monitor tire pressure will not only increase driving safety, but also save tires and rims for future use!

3. Pneumatic pistol with digital barometer

Пневматический пистолет с цифровым барометром

In order to quickly inflate car tires with a compressor, it is worth using a pneumatic gun equipped with a pressure gauge. The presence of a pressure gauge on the inflation gun will allow you to control the air pressure in the wheel directly during the inflation of the wheel. In addition, the gun can be used simply as a pressure gauge to check the condition of the wheels. The nozzle of the gun with a quick-release tip allows you to quickly attach it to the nipple of the wheel, from which you must remove the protective cap in advance! Before purchasing an air gun with a pressure gauge, the buyer needs to choose one of 3 types of pressure gauges that can be equipped with a pump. It is a mechanical pressure gauge, an oil hydraulic actuated pressure gauge, and a digital pressure gauge powered by 1 AAA battery. All three pressure gauges show air pressure from 0 to 16 atmospheres!

4. Multifunctional flashlight

Многофункциональный фонарь

Having such a universal flashlight in your car, you can be sure that it will be able to save a person in many unforeseen situations!

  • Firstly, it is a wonderful flashlight that can shine very far with its bright beam.
  • Secondly, it is a Power bank, with which you can charge any gadget via USB outputs.
  • Thirdly, this is Start Jumper, with which you can start a car with a dead battery!

And besides the usual flashlight, which shines with a direct beam, this multifunctional flashlight has a circular illuminator that can be used instead of a chandelier in a tent, or as a night light in or near a car! After fully charging the flashlight for 4-5 hours, the beam flashlight works for up to 8 hours, and the circular light for up to 20 hours continuously!

5. Phone holder for steering wheel

Держатель телефона на руль

Very often in the car you have to use the phone on the go, for example, using it as a navigator. To do this, you can use all kinds of phone holders, many of which are mounted either on glass or on a car panel. But it is most convenient to place the phone directly on the steering wheel, since in this case it will be the closest to the driver! This smartphone holder is just convenient because it can be fixed on the steering wheel so that the phone is always in front of your eyes, without interfering with movement and without obstructing the view, as in those cases when it is placed near the windshield. The holder clamp will firmly fix it to the steering wheel of the car, and the sliding phone clamp will allow you to attach any smartphone to it! For those car enthusiasts who travel a lot, this phone holder will come in handy first of all!

6. Multifunctional seat hook

Многофункциональный крючок на седенье

If you attach such a universal hook to the headrest of the car, then you can solve several problems at once! Firstly, it is a comfortable handle, which can come in handy because it sits in the rear seats, which is especially important when driving on bad roads! Secondly, these hooks can be used for their intended purpose for hanging bags and packages, which is very important for long journeys. To prevent bags from lying around on the seats, you just need to buy multifunctional hooks for car seats. In order to secure the hooks, it is enough to take out the head restraints and insert their rods through the holes in the hook! Due to the fact that one of the holes is split, the hook will fit any car seat!

7. Xiaomi Air Pump

 Воздушный насос Xiaomi

Electric air compressors in a car can no longer surprise anyone, unless it’s Xiaomi! The fact is that this Xiaomi compressor is powered by lithium batteries, which take less than 3 hours to fully charge! And after that you get a mobile compressor with a digital tire pressure gauge, which can additionally be used as a flashlight! The Xiaomi battery compressor can be used not only by motorcyclists and cyclists, but also by motorists, since the maximum pressure it produces reaches up to 10.3 atmospheres! The set includes a bag, a charging cable, and a ball pumping needle!

8. Glasses case

Футляр для очков

If there is no eyeglass case in the car, then this is very inconvenient, since sunglasses are very necessary in bright sunny weather! This problem is solved very quickly by purchasing an eyeglass case that attaches securely to the sun visor. Such a case can be bought not only for the driver, but also for his passenger in the front seat. The spectacle case is convenient not only because it will keep your sunglasses quickly accessible, but also because it has two slots for storing bonus or credit cards, as well as magnetic inserts to which you can attach coins or any small items. If you need to take your glasses with you when you get out of the car, you can take them along with the case!

9. Humidifier

Увлажнитель воздуха

With prolonged operation of the stove in the passenger compartment, the air dries up, which can have a very negative effect on human health. At the same time, it becomes difficult to talk, as the throat begins to wheeze and even hurt! To humidify the air in the cabin, you need to use a car humidifier powered by a cigarette lighter. The container of the humidifier can be filled with either clean water or some fragrance can be added to it. The humidifier head is rotatable so that you can direct the steam jet in any direction. With this humidifier, a microclimate that is favorable for the driver and his passengers is quickly established in the car interior!

10. Foldable trunk bag

Складная сумка в багажник

In the trunk of a car, you often have to carry various piece things – bottles, food and other small things for which you need bags or packages! But often the car does not have the right container for such things! For such cases, it does not hurt to have folding bags in the trunk of a car, the walls of which are connected to each other with Velcro! Thanks to this connection, literally in a minute, from separate panels, you can assemble a convenient bag for transporting things in the trunk or in the car! But if the need for bags has disappeared, then you just have to take them apart and spread them on the trunk floor! In this case, the bag turns into a flat package that does not take up much space in the trunk of the car!

Before buying, you can choose not only the color but also the sizes of the bags you need!

20 полезных автотоваров с Aliexpress, которые упростят жизнь любому автовладельцу №44
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