10 best KUGOO electric scooters from Aliexpress

10 лучших электросамокатов фирмы KUGOO с Алиэкспресс

1. Foldable electric scooter KUGOO S3

Складной электросамокат KUGOO S3

From a warehouse in Russia, the “Aliexpress” service offers its customers original models of e / scooters under the name “KUGOO S3”. Products from the manufacturer “Jilong” are a modern type of individual transport that is in demand among people of different ages.

The advantages of this model include:

  • The presence of an 8-inch wheelset made of solid rubber, equipped with two shock absorbers.
  • Good static stability.
  • High permeability (drive power – 350 watts with a current consumption of 6 amperes).

All this guarantees safety and comfort when using a vehicle, which is especially important for Russian conditions.

2. Folding electric scooter KUGOO M4 Pro Jilong 600W


The described product is a novelty in the line of models offered by “Jilong”. The main differences between the sample “KUGOO M4” from previous releases are manifested in the following:

  • Better quality molded rubber.
  • Updated design.
  • Rubber reinforced deck.
  • Equipped with an ignition key.
  • The presence of a measuring voltmeter indicating battery discharge.

In addition, the new model outperforms previous kugoo electric scooters in terms of performance. Thus, its capacity, in particular, has been increased to 600 watts, and the capacity of the built-in battery has been increased to 18,000 mAh.

3. Foldable electric scooter KUGOO S1 Jilong 350W

Складной электросамокат KUGOO S1 Jilong 350W

The budget version of the electric scooter called “Kugoo S1” is ideal for urban road surfaces. Reducing the cost of the product was achieved due to the following improvements:

  • Facilitation of the entire structure as a whole.
  • Equipped with a height-adjustable steering wheel stand.
  • The use of folding elements.

The offered model is equipped with eight-inch wheels with treads, which guarantee reliable traction on concrete and asphalt. When designing the appearance, a correct and laconic style was chosen, implemented in several colors.

4. Folding electric scooter KUGOO G-Booster 1200 W  

Складной электросамокат KUGOO G-Booster 1200 Вт

The modern electric scooter called “Kugo G Booster” is a four-wheel drive model that guarantees excellent performance. The latter are confirmed by the following performance indicators:

  • confident acceleration up to 60 km / h;
  • increased battery capacity (up to 23,000 mAh), allowing you to drive up to 60 km on a single charge;
  • the presence of a suspension based on elastomers, which provides a comfortable ride on any surface.

The offered model is optimal for traveling on rough terrain, that is, in a park area, as well as on dirt and forest roads.

5. Foldable electric scooter GT KUGOO M4 PRO

Складной электросамокат GT KUGOO M4 PRO

The GT Kugoo M4 PRO electric scooter presented at Aliexpress is a stylish, reliable and safe vehicle that allows you to move around the city. Its distinctive feature is the presence of a powerful folding lamp powered by a 48 volt source.

The technical characteristics of the electrical device are presented below:

  • The manufacturer’s declared motor power is 500 watts.
  • Maximum load – 130 kg.
  • Built-in battery capacity – 16Ah.
  • Product weight – 23.1 kg.

The speed developed by the scooter reaches 45 km / h

6. Foldable electric scooter KUGOO X1 Jilong 600W

6.	Складной электросамокат KUGOO X1 Jilong 600W

The electric scooter “KUGOO X1 Jilong” with its characteristic black color belongs to the “premium” class products. This vehicle, when traveling on a good road, develops a speed of up to 45 km per hour. This is achieved through the use of a powerful 600-watt motor.

The built-in 13Ah battery is enough to travel up to 40 km on a single charge. Wheel-mounted shock absorbers provide the smooth ride on uneven roads.

Other characteristics of the scooter are represented by the following parameters:

  • The mass of the device is 17 kg.
  • The battery voltage is 48 volts.
  • Payload – up to 120 kg.
  • Full battery charging time – no more than 7 hours.

The diameter of the product wheel is 8 inches.

7. Foldable electric scooter KUGOO Kirin ES2

Складной электросамокат KUGOO Kirin ES2

The folding model of the electric scooter “KUGOO Kirin ES2” provides comfortable conditions for moving on roads with different surfaces. The 350-watt motor allows you to reach speeds of up to 25 km / h. The presence in the model of a built-in battery with a capacity of 7.5 Ah guarantees the possibility of traveling over distances of up to 25 km.

Other characteristics of this sample include:

  • The tires are 8.5-inches.
  • Three levels of speed regulation.
  • The presence of economical LED headlights and a built-in USB port.

It will take no more than 3 seconds to bring the scooter from the folded position to the working position.

8. Folding electric scooter KUGOO C1 500 W

Складной электросамокат KUGOO C1 500 W

Electric scooter brand “Kugoo C1” is designed for driving on city roads and allows you to move limited loads over short distances. To do this, there is a basket on the rear fender for storing food, belongings and small items. High performance is achieved by increasing the engine power to 500 watts. Thanks to this, on good roads, the scooter accelerates to 35 km / h.

The performance characteristics of a self-propelled vehicle include:

  • The capacity of the built-in battery is 11,000 mAh.
  • Mileage per battery charge – 30 km.
  • The maximum load is 100 kg.
  • Product weight – 21 kg.

A distinctive feature of this model is the disc brakes installed on both wheels.

9. Folding electric scooter KUGOO M5 JILONG 1000W

Складной электросамокат KUGOO M5 JILONG 1000 Вт

A more advanced model of the KUGOO M5 JILONG scooter is designed for wheel motor power up to 1 kW. Thanks to this, the vehicle speed is increased to 55 km / h. The most attractive part of this model is the double shock springs installed on both suspensions.

The distinctive characteristics of the scooter include a large built-in battery capacity of 21 Ah, as well as a high carrying capacity (up to 150 kg). As with all modern models, disc brakes are installed on the “KUGOO M5 JILONG”, which significantly shortens the braking distance. In addition, the scooter is equipped with an economical LED headlight that illuminates the track well at night.

10. Foldable electric scooter KUGOO ES3 500 W

Складной электросамокат KUGOO ES3 500 Вт

Another sample presented at Aliexpress was named “Kugoo ES3”. The power of the motor wheel of this model is 500 watts, and the mileage on one charge is 35 km. A feature of this scooter that attracts the attention of long-distance travel enthusiasts is a huge inflatable wheel. Its diameter is 30 cm with a tire width of 50 mm.

The ground clearance of this model is also quite impressive (up to 10 cm). At the same time, it develops quite a decent speed (up to 35 km / h) and has an enviable carrying capacity – up to 120 kg.

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