10 Cool slingshots for hunting and fishing with Aliexpress + ammunition for shooting

10 Крутых рогаток для охоты и рыбалки с Алиэкспресс + амуниция

1. Stainless Steel Fishing Slingshot

Рыболовная рогатка из нержавеющей стали

This lightweight and comfortable fishing slingshot with a stainless steel handle is suitable for shooting both arrows and balls. The ergonomic wrist-supported grip provides a firm grip for calm and precise aiming before shooting. You can buy a slingshot for hunting or fishing in two versions. Depending on the selected configuration, the slingshot comes with spare rubber bands, a compass, a flashlight, a charger and arrows. Thanks to the laser pointer, you can quickly learn to shoot without missing with this slingshot! With such a slingshot, you can not only go fishing, but also arrange a target shooting competition!

2. Police slingshot with laser sight

Полицейская рогатка с лазерным прицелом

In many countries, policemen carry such laser-sighted slingshots with them. On the streets, you often come across stray dogs, which can be very aggressive. For protection from dogs without the use of firearms, a slingshot with a laser sight will be the best option! A powerful slingshot with a stop bar provides a firm hold in the hand, and the laser sight allows you to aim accurately! A strong lining for the “shells” allows you to use not only balls, but also stones, nuts and other materials at hand! Such a slingshot is useful not only for policemen, but also for almost every person who may face the aggression of street dogs!

3. Professional slingshot with wide harness

Профессиональная рогатка с широким жгутом

The classic style slingshot is solid and very powerful! The wide elastic band allows for a large interference, which significantly increases the aiming range and increases the ball’s flight speed. When buying a complete set, the slingshot comes with as many as 100 metal balls with a diameter of 8 millimeters! To the metal handle, almost 1 centimeter thick, wooden inserts are screwed for a comfortable grip. The sights from the kit can be screwed onto the slingshot for more accurate shooting! The kit includes the slingshot itself, an elastic band to it, 100 pcs. balls for shooting and a hexagon for installing and clamping the rubber band!

4. Sports Aluminum Slingshot

Спортивная алюминиевая рогатка

For outdoor sports activities, this aluminum slingshot is perfect! And the point is not only that it is light, but also that it is very compact with sufficient strength! The slingshot can be used for target shooting, and you can also arrange a battle using paintball balls. The slingshot is only 14.5 centimeters long and weighs about 95 grams. The lightweight and compact slingshot does not take up much space in your pocket, so you can always carry it with you! For shooting, you can use almost anything that is suitable for this – stones, metal balls, paintball balls, nuts and even nuts!

5. Arrow Slingshot

Рогатка для стрельбы стрелами

Made of lightweight polymer, this powerful slingshot is designed for shooting arrows! The solid and very comfortable grip has a wrist rest for more precise aiming! The slingshot comes without arrows, which you have to buy separately! This slingshot can be used for shooting accuracy training, shooting competitions, as well as for hunting or fishing! In this case, you need to take precautions, since the speed of the arrow and the force of the impact are quite high! Despite its small size and light weight, the slingshot is very strong and reliable, as it is made of high strength nylon material!

6. Powerful metal slingshot

Мощная металлическая рогатка

This powerful metal slingshot is capable of withstanding heavy loads, and therefore can be fired with great force at decent distances. The curls of the slingshot are reminiscent of the horns of a Tibetan antelope and look quite attractive! With such a slingshot, you can arrange a competition, shooting at targets or simply training your skills in nature! The thick double elastic can withstand a lot of stretch, and it lasts for a long time! The powerful handle of the slingshot is braided with artificial leather, and thanks to its soft volume, it fits very comfortably in the palm of your hand, and its compact size makes it easy to carry in your pocket!

7. Powerful wooden slingshot

Мощная деревянная рогатка

For those who do not like to overpay, and especially for such a simple toy as a slingshot, there is a perfectly acceptable offer! This is a classic wooden slingshot! But at the same time, it is significantly different from homemade weak slingshots! This wooden slingshot has a very strong handle that can handle heavy loads! And a thick elastic band with a leather socket for “shells” works for a long time and flawlessly! This is the easiest version of the slingshot for those who like the classic style in everything, as well as for those who want to remember their childhood and become the owner of a wooden slingshot!

8. Fishing slingshot

Рогатка для рыбалки

The professional fishing slingshot will take the fisherman to the next level of hunting! The slingshot laser sight makes it possible to aim and shoot as accurately as possible! The stainless steel arrows, to which the line is attached, accurately hit the target, and then all that remains is to reel the line into the drum! The slingshot has a leather wrist strap, which provides a firm hold on the slingshot during shooting and reduces the strain on the arm! The slingshot handle, made of durable polymer material, is lightweight and very strong at the same time! The kit includes arrows, rubber bands, a drum with a fishing line, a leather wrist holder, a laser target indicator, depending on the selected configuration!

9. Super Power Slingshot

Супермощная рогатка

This super-powerful slingshot will be able to amaze the imagination of even a seasoned fisherman or hunter! In addition to the standard rubber bands, the tensioning system is equipped with two double springs, which greatly increase the power of the shot and the speed of the projectile! The multifunctionality of the slingshot lies in the fact that it is adapted for shooting both arrows and balls. To do this, there are two types of rubber bands in the kit, as well as a special sight, which is a guide for arrows! It is enough to change the rubber bands, remove the reel with the line and install the guide, as instead of the usual slingshot you get a semblance of a real crossbow for shooting arrows!

10. High quality slingshot

Высококачественная рогатка

Made of high quality stainless steel, this slingshot has a beautiful design that attracts attention with its originality. The comfortable and lightweight slingshot is made so well that its ergonomics cannot be overlooked! It is enough to hold it in the palm of your hand, as it immediately becomes clear how comfortable it is! The hardwood inserts protect your hands from calluses and also look pretty good on the slingshot handle! When buying, you can choose a slingshot with inserts from ebony or mahogany! The kit includes the slingshot itself and an elastic band for it!

11. Spare flat harness kit

Комплект запасных плоских жгутов

In any slingshot, the most vulnerable part that has to be systematically changed is an elastic band, or in other words, a tourniquet! But this problem can be easily solved if you buy a set of 10 rubber bands in advance, which will be enough for a very long time using the slingshot! Flat rubber bands, 1 mm thick and 250 mm long, are suitable for almost all types of slingshots! And the leather insert for gripping the ball greatly extends the life of the rubber band! Elastic bands are supplied in a plastic box 12.95 cm long, 6.65 cm wide and 2.2 cm thick! After purchasing a spare set of harnesses, you can forget about the problems with the torn rubber band on the slingshot for a long time!

12. Steel balls for shooting

Стальные шарики для стрельбы

When shooting from a slingshot, balls are the main consumable material, which are often lost due to their small size with a sufficient flight range! Therefore, it is necessary to have a considerable number of these shells in stock in order to be able to use your favorite slingshot! Hence, a large supply of shooting balls will come in handy for every slingshot owner! When buying, you can choose one of two configurations at will! The first set contains 100 balls with a diameter of 8 mm, and in the second – as many as 200 balls with a diameter of 4.5 mm! All balls are made of stainless steel and therefore have a characteristic silver mirror shade!

13. Target box for shooting from a slingshot

Мишень короб для стрельбы из рогатки

During training with a slingshot, it is very disappointing to just lose balls for shooting, because you have to buy them all the time! That is why this box with a target will be useful to everyone who wants to learn how to shoot accurately with a slingshot! The box is a cube made of soft fabric, and only one side of the box is open, and it is installed in the direction of the arrow! A silicone target for shooting is suspended inside the box! After a shot from a slingshot, the ball, regardless of whether it hit the target or not, gets inside the box, where elastic fabric dampens its speed! So buying this target box allows you to learn how to shoot a slingshot without losing your shooting balls!

14. Magnetic pendant for steel balls

Магнитный кулон для стальных шариков

When you have to shoot often with a slingshot, it is very inconvenient to get the balls out of your pocket all the time! To keep the slingshot balls always at hand, you can use a magnetic pendant that can hold up to 200 balls at a time! A strong magnet covered with artificial leather has a very strong hold, and the key chain itself has a ring with a lock that allows you to attach it to different items of clothing! For more convenient use, it is best to attach this magnetic holder to your pants so that the balls can be easily removed while firing the slingshot!

15. Protective Shooting Glove

Защитная перчатка для стрельбы

When shooting with a slingshot, balls and arrows pass at high speed next to the hand holding the slingshot! This is unsafe, as the ball may break off, the rubber band may break at the most inopportune time, or the angle of attack will be banally chosen incorrectly! These factors can easily injure your hand! But to prevent this from happening, you need to take care of your own safety in advance and buy special gloves for shooting from a slingshot! Before buying, depending on which hand you are holding the slingshot in, you must choose between right and left hand gloves! With this shooting glove, your hands will be completely safe when shooting with any slingshot!

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