TOP 5 best car DVRs from Aliexpress website

ТОП-5 лучших автомобильных видеорегистраторов с сайта Джум

Every motorist should have a video recorder. With its help, you can resolve various conflict situations, for example, to prove your innocence in an accident, to find a person who committed theft from a car, etc. Today on the electronics market there is a large selection of DVRs that differ from each other in functionality and price. From the entire assortment, it is worth highlighting 5 really high-quality and popular models with an acceptable cost.

1. Video recorder FULL HD 1080P DVR mirror

Видеорегистратор FULL HD 1080P DVR зеркало

The gadget is made in the form of a rear-view mirror. Its main advantages:

  • invisible from the outside;
  • compact;
  • universal (suitable for any car);
  • records video in Full HD format;
  • waterproof case;
  • the presence of a night vision function.

A distinctive feature has become a special mirror coating, thanks to which the sun’s rays do not interfere with watching what is happening behind the car.

General characteristics of the device:

  • slot for SD memory card (up to 32 GB);
  • display with a diagonal of 3 inches;
  • function of autostart recording and automatic shutdown;
  • viewing angle of the front camera – 170 °, rear – 120 °.


Видеорегистратор для автомобиля USB Car DVR JR

Miniature DVR requiring connection to a smartphone or tablet running on Android v4.0 + operating system (there is firmware). The case is made in an unusual design of two types of materials – durable plastic and metal alloy.

Main characteristics of the device:

  • Slot for SD-memory cards from 8 to 32 GB (not included in the package);
  • video recording in MOV format;
  • viewing angle – 170 °;
  • video frame rate – 30;
  • video resolution – 1080p.

The main disadvantage of the model was the lack of mounts that would allow you to turn the camera in any direction and fix it in the desired position. The DVR is simply glued to the torpedo or windshield with double-sided tape. The camera can then be raised or lowered 60 degrees.

3. Mirror DVR 70mai

TOP 5 best car DVRs from Aliexpress website

The model is a mirror with a built-in display (9.35 ″). The device is equipped with two cameras for front and rear view.

Features of the DVR:

  • support for SD and MMC memory cards;
  • frame rate – 30;
  • presence of a microphone;
  • Motion Sensor;
  • Interface: Wi-Fi;
  • the viewing angle of the anterior chamber is 130 °.

In addition, it should be said about the stylish design and waterproof case made of durable plastic.

4. DVR Car Cam G30

Автомобильный видеорегистратор Car Cam Corder G30

One of the inexpensive and popular DVRs with night vision function. Shoots Full HD (1920×1080) videos and saves them to an SD memory card.

Pros of choosing Car Cam G30:

  • high-capacity lithium-polymer battery;
  • auto-recording function;
  • the presence of a USB connector for connecting to a PC (compatible with all Windows operating systems);
  • Motion Sensor.

The disadvantage of the model is the lack of the ability to record sound.

The device shoots AVI videos at 30 frames per second. If necessary, it can be used as a camera. Photo resolution – 1.3m, 2m, 3m and VGA. Sold complete with instructions, mounting hardware and car charger.

5. Video recorder with 360 ° radar detector

Вдеорегистратор с радаром детектором на 360°

A functional device that not only records high-quality video, but is also equipped with a laser radar detector. It is able to detect police radars in advance and inform the driver about it.

The advantages of the model:

  • compatibility with any navigation systems;
  • night vision function;
  • support for SD-memory cards up to 32 GB;
  • high-quality two-inch LCD display;
  • built-in Google map, on which the points of the detected radars are marked;
  • reminder of exceeding the speed of movement;
  • voice assistant;
  • compact size and stylish design.

Powered by 12 volts DC. The kit includes instructions, a fastener and a charger.

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