TikTok is the social network that drives everyone crazy

TikTok социальная сеть, по которой все сходят с ума

The social network TikTok appeared in China in 2017. It combined two other services that used short videos as content. One of them, Musical.ly, spread outside China, while the other, Douyin, was popular domestically. The owner of the latest social network, ByteDance, in order to enter the international market, bought the Musical.ly social network and gave it the name TikTok.

The popularity of the TikTok service

TikTok has gained popularity among young people. First, it won over the users of China and Indonesia, then India was added, etc. More recently, the number of users of this network has exceeded 1 billion. There is a forecast that TikTok will become more popular than Instagram.

Today, some TikTok videos can be found on YouTube. They are quite original and attract the attention of users who do not spend a lot of time browsing.

Features of TikTok

If Instagram’s feature was the use of visual content through posting with photos, then TikTok’s feature was the use of video content. Moreover, the videos are created by the users themselves and they are very short – from a few seconds to 1 minute. The video clip is accompanied by background music, a cue from the film, a soundtrack, etc. Any video can be slowed down, accelerated, cut from fragments and applied many other available filters. The subject of the videos can be anything, but comedy and humorous fragments are more popular.

Users in the news feed watch each other’s video content, mark their favorites and subscribe to the most creative participants. Also, the most successful videos that are frequently watched fall into the featured video category. Thus, the popularity of the account from which they were published is growing.

TikTok benefits

TikTok is the social network that drives everyone crazy

TikTok has an interface with extensive video creation and editing capabilities. You can shoot it directly to the network, you can upload it from the Gallery, add a background, special effects, speed up or slow down.

Many users actively use cutting of two or more videos. This makes it possible to show more to your subscribers and create a complete post.

Available filters and effects allow you to completely change the captured video.

Through short videos, subscribers realize their creativity, which can be demonstrated to the whole world. The originality of video content ideas is appreciated by millions of users, which attracts the attention of advertisers as well. You can already make money with TikTok.

The duration of the show does not take much time, so you can watch many videos posted from TikTok.

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