Electric welding machine DEKO DKA-200 with Aliexpress

Электрический сварочный аппарат DEKO DKA-200 с Алиэкспресс

Electric welding machine DEKO DKA-200

The use of welding technologies for joining metals has a long history, but earlier only enterprises and organizations had welding machines. In addition, the welding machines themselves were very heavy and operated only on a three-phase current of 380 volts. Over the past decades, welding technology has undergone significant changes due to the invention of inverter IGBT welding machines. Thanks to this, welding machines are now available not only in factories and service workshops, but also in almost every home, since they operate from a single-phase 220 volt network.

Electric welding machine DEKO DKA-200 with Aliexpress

Welding inverters DEKO

When studying the market of welding inverters, it becomes clear that the choice is huge, and it will be very difficult for the buyer to decide on a specific model! Naturally, you need to focus on the experience of other consumers, reviews and especially tests!

Electric welding machine DEKO DKA-200 with Aliexpress

Inverter testing carried out by independent experts proves that many manufacturers show overestimated performance, although the actual capabilities of the devices are much lower. However, there are a dozen manufacturers who strictly adhere to the technical performance of their products. Among them are DEKO welding inverters.

Features of DEKO welding inverters:

Electric welding machine DEKO DKA-200 with Aliexpress
  • full compliance with indicators such as the maximum welding current and the duration of the switch with it;
  • stable operation with a deviation of the supply voltage within 15-20%;
  • built-in protection that can prevent the device from breaking down during overload, overheating, undervoltage or overvoltage;
  • smooth adjustment of the welding current, which allows you to ideally select it for different conditions;
  • stable welding arc with both straight and reverse polarity;
  • the possibility of welding not only steel, but also cast iron and stainless steel with special electrodes;
  • the low weight of the device and the presence of a shoulder bag allows you to work with it on stepladders, scaffolding and even on the roofs of structures;
  • reliability and safety even during continuous operation.
Electric welding machine DEKO DKA-200 with Aliexpress

The DEKO company offers various modifications of welding inverters, differing in certain indicators, among which the consumer is more interested in the maximum welding current, as the maximum thickness of the electrodes with which welding can be carried out depends on this indicator.

Electric welding machine DEKO DKA-200 with Aliexpress
Electric welding machine DEKO DKA-200 with Aliexpress

And if for very rare welding in a domestic environment, an apparatus with a maximum current of 120 amperes is enough, then in a garage or car service you need at least 200 amperes, but with constant work with thick metal, for welding which requires electrodes with a large diameter, an inverter is needed. capable of delivering 250 amperes of welding current!

Electric welding machine DEKO DKA-200 with Aliexpress

However, the most popular and purchased are always models with an average current of 160 and 200 amperes!

DEKO DKA-200 specifications:

  • DEKO DKA-200 is a welding inverter with a maximum welding current of 200 amperes;
  • Working voltage 220 volts;
  • Stable operation when the voltage changes up to 15% of the nominal;
  • PV (time of constant inclusion at maximum current) 60%;
  • Smooth current regulation from 20 to 200 amperes;
  • Diameter of electrodes from 1.6 to 4mm;
  • Power 5.8 kW;
  • The weight of the device is 2.84 kg.

In addition to the electrode holder and the clamp of the mass, a hammer with a brush for slagging is included in the kit! In addition, it is worth noting that the DEKO DKA-200 welding inverter has all the above characteristics of the line of welding machines of this brand.

Electric welding machine DEKO DKA-200 with Aliexpress

In everyday life and small production, in a metal workshop and a car service, and in almost every garage there must be a welding machine! And if it is a DEKO DKA-200 welding inverter, this reliable performance of welding work of any complexity will be 100% ensured! The main thing is not to be afraid to take the electrode holder in your hands, and the rest will be done by the reliable DEKO DKA-200 welding inverter!


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