Electric gun for sealant DEKO DEGG01 with Aliexpress

Электрический пистолет для герметика DEKO DEGG01 с Алиэкспресс

Electric gun for sealant DEKO DEGG01

To simplify and facilitate housework, all kinds of tools help, which the handy owner has a lot of. Moreover, the market is so saturated with them that sometimes it is simply difficult to choose from among this variety, not just the right tool, but also the one that will last a long time! This is due to the fact that most manufacturers do not monitor the quality of their products, trying to save on everything, as a result of which the quality suffers. Under such conditions, it is worth purchasing products from only trusted manufacturers.

Electric gun for sealant DEKO DEGG01 with Aliexpress

Each industry has its own leaders, and in the world of tools there are also many of them, and among them a special place is occupied by DEKO, which in recent years has won the respect and gratitude of customers due to the fact that the tools of this company are actually very well assembled and fully correspond to their destination!

Electric gun for sealant DEKO DEGG01 with Aliexpress

First of all, these are construction tools, which include the DEKO DEGG01 electric gun, designed to squeeze out the sealant in a standard tube!

Characteristics of DEKO DEGG01 Electric Sealant Gun:

Electric gun for sealant DEKO DEGG01 with Aliexpress
  • this is a power tool for home use, although it is perfect for those who systematically work with the use of sealant, for example, window installers or plumbing installers and repairmen;
  • the electric motor of the pistol operates on a voltage of 6 volts, provided by 4 AA batteries, which are not included in the delivery set. Batteries will have to be purchased separately, and for long-term operation it is best to purchase high-capacity rechargeable batteries;
  • the pistol is made in a classic yellow-black color, by which the DEKO tools can be immediately recognized among the many analogues;
  • the tool is made of durable and at the same time pleasant to the touch high-quality plastic, and the socket for attaching the tube, on which pressure will be exerted during operation, as well as the pressing rod to ensure rigidity are made of durable iron;
  • the nozzle of the gun is made to the size of the tube of a standard sealant sold in all hardware and hardware stores;
  • preparation of the pistol for operation consists in installing 4 AA size batteries (finger-type) into a special compartment in the handle, pulling the pistol pressure lever back, installing a tube with sealant into the bell of the gun, removing the protective cap from the tube in advance and cutting off the end of the spout from which the sealant will be squeezed out ;
  • uniform operation of the electric motor allows the sealant to be squeezed out at a constant speed without jerking, which makes it possible to evenly lay the sealant along the entire length of the gap;
  • for long-term work with long seams, it is recommended to use a lock that holds the trigger in a clamped position, which will greatly facilitate the work with the gun;
  • the length of the pistol is 35 cm, the height is 21 cm, and the diameter of the bell is 7 cm;
  • the weight of the electric gun for working with sealant is only 920 grams, which, even with the weight of the sealant, in total will make it easy to work with it with one hand without fatigue for a long time;
  • the ergonomic rubberized pistol grip is very comfortable to use and very pleasant to the touch.
Electric gun for sealant DEKO DEGG01 with Aliexpress

Anyone who has to work with sealant should take a look at an electric sealant gun. Lightweight, quiet and very easy to use, the DEKO DEGG01 sealant gun will fill the joints with an even and continuous layer of sealant, ensuring reliable adhesion of surfaces and full sealing!

Electric gun for sealant DEKO DEGG01 with Aliexpress

Working with the sealant is a pleasure with DEKO DEGG01 gun – it is so convenient and effective!


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