20 useful auto products from Aliexpress that will make life easier for any car owner

20 полезных автотоваров с Aliexpress, которые упростят жизнь любому автовладельцу

Товары из этого видео:

  1. Automatic awning with control panel
  2. Android 8.0 car radio
  3. Pocket mesh
  4. Decorative covers for the door lock
  5. Magnetic clip for USB cables
  6. Towing strap
  7. Braid on the steering wheel with ears
  8. Seat adjustment wheel attachment
  9. Cigarette lighter extension plug
  10. Ladder step on the door lock
  11. Armrest on the door
  12. Bluetooth tire pressure monitoring
  13. Clothes hanger on the headrest
  14. Aviary back seat cover for dogs
  15. Heat and sound insulation for the motor
  16. Windshield parking blind
  17. Gas soldering iron
  18. Cigarette lighter extension
  19. Key ring
  20. Inflatable garage
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