10 popular fishing tackle from Aliexpress, part-7

10 популярных снастей для ловли рыбы с сайта Joom, часть-7

1. Coil bearing grease

10 popular fishing tackle from Aliexpress, part-7

Spinning reel bearing grease is a liquid oil made from special fatty components. It is sold in easy-to-use fixed dose tubes. The use of this fluid reduces the noise level in rubbing parts, reduces their wear and tear and significantly extends the service life of the product. The lubricant is not only suitable for some spinning reels. It is allowed to be used in other fishing gear, where there are rubbing parts.

2. Set of sinkers

10 popular fishing tackle from Aliexpress, part-7

A set of fishing weights is presented on the service as a set of five samples, differing in size and weight (from 0.3 to 0.8 grams). They are all housed in various compartments in a convenient rotating box, several in each. The total number of weights in the set is 106 pcs, 205 pcs.

3. Self-propelled float

Поплавок с автоматическим подсикателем

The features of a float with an automatic undercutter include:

  • it is made from environmentally friendly durable plastic and has a well thought out design;
  • its metal parts are made of durable stainless steel, which is highly resistant to corrosion;
  • the body of the float is very light (no more than 50 grams), elastic and sensitive to bite.

Due to the listed features, this product is suitable for catching any type of fish and can be used for commercial purposes.

4. Fishing tackle set 24 types

10 popular fishing tackle from Aliexpress, part-7

The set of fishing tackle includes 184 different items, divided into 24 types. Under the transparent cover are;

  • Hooks of different sizes.
  • Sinkers.
  • Float nozzles.
  • “Sea beans”, the floats themselves and other tackle.

The dimensions of the kit are 11.0×9.5×3.0 cm, and its weight is indicated on the package.

This product is considered an excellent gift for those who love fishing, as it allows to fit in small volumes almost everything that is needed for successful fishing.

5. Fishing flies set

10 popular fishing tackle from Aliexpress, part-7

The set of fishing flies consists of many items, including the so-called “bunny ears” with a ball head. These are all time-tested types of bait that have been successfully used for fishing. They are attractive because they imitate many subspecies of underwater insects.

Kit specifications:

  • The number of flies is 12 pieces.
  • The presence of bait for fishing trout.

The color of the body of the flies is randomly selected.

6. Magnifier glasses for fishing

Очки лупа для рыбалки

Polarized magnifying glasses for fishing allow you to better look at fishing tackle by zooming in approximately 300-400 times. This product is classified as a binocular device designed specifically for fishing in a wide variety of waters. The performance characteristics of the glasses include their color (black), as well as geometric dimensions equal to 14.0×14.5 cm. The delivery set includes one copy of binocular products.

7. Mechanical line counter

Глубиномер механический

The mechanical type portable depth gauge allows you to determine the position of the tackle submerged in water. It is a mechanical device powered by a built-in battery in conjunction with a remote sensor.

The technical characteristics of the device are presented below:

  • Measurement depth – up to 100 meters.
  • Product dimensions – 6.7×5.0x2.5 cm.
  • The weight of the device is about 79 grams (with packaging).
  • Power source – 2 LR1130 batteries with a voltage of 1.55 Volts.

The nominal capacity of the built-in battery is 65 mAh.

8. Line reel

10 popular fishing tackle from Aliexpress, part-7

The line reel features a sophisticated design and attractive red color scheme. It is made of durable plastic that can withstand impact and stress. It has a handle, through which it is possible to quickly wind the fishing line on the drum. Attractive appearance and complete safety of the product make it possible to use it as a reel for casting or storing fishing line. To bring it into working condition, the reel is simply put on the rod holder axis and held on it by a special stopper.

9. Zherlitsa for winter fishing

10 popular fishing tackle from Aliexpress, part-7

A winter fishing rod with a stand is intended for ice fishing for predatory fish and has a number of features. The main ones are listed below:

  • a bright orange bite indicator allows you to clearly distinguish it against a snowy background;
  • the product is made of high quality materials that can withstand winter frosts;
  • the zherlitsa is equipped with a reliable stop that holds it on how much ice.

Thanks to its lightness, the telescopic rod with stand can be held with one hand.

10. Fish bait

Приманка для рыбы

Original bait for fish in the form of powdery food is made on the basis of insect bodies mixed with vegetable and animal proteins. It is a pure natural product that does not contain any extraneous additives and impurities. For better safety, it is recommended to keep it in partial shade and not to expose it to bright lighting. A package with a white bait contains 35 grams of powder. Its shelf life is at least 24 months.

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