10 useful auto products from Aliexpress that will make life easier for any car owner

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1. Stop discharge – protects the battery from full discharge

10 useful auto products from Aliexpress that will make life easier for any car owner
Stop discharge – protects the battery from full discharge

In order to protect your car battery from full discharge or short circuit, you should definitely take a closer look at the incredibly effective device called Stop Discharge! The protective device is attached to the battery itself, and even an inexperienced car owner can do this in just 3 minutes! If the driver left the headlights on, then when the battery capacity drops to half, the Stop discharge disconnects it from the mains! In this case, the car must be at rest for at least 10 minutes. If you need to open the car with the key, just kick the wheels lightly, and the vibration sensor of the protective device will turn on the battery again! But if a breakdown occurs and you have turned on the alarm, then the Stop Discharge will not disconnect the battery until it is completely discharged! With this protection device, you can not be afraid of a complete discharge of the battery, even if you forgot to turn off the headlights!

2. Protective strip on rims when hitting a curb

10 useful auto products from Aliexpress that will make life easier for any car owner
Protective strip on rims when hitting a curb

Curbs are important for sidewalks, but for car owners, they are sometimes a real problem. When parking, it is often impossible to calculate the distance, as a result of which a collision occurs on the curb not only with rubber wheels, but even with disks! In order to protect the wheel rims from damage when hitting curbs, it is worth buying special silicone protective tapes. These tapes are offered for sale in 10 colors to choose from, and the length of one roll is 8 meters, which is quite enough for any car. On the one hand, this is a protective strip, and on the other hand, it is quite suitable for a decor that emphasizes the sophistication of the car owner’s taste, because with these stripes, car discs acquire a stylish appearance. In order to attach the strip to the wheel, it is enough to peel off the protective film and simply glue the strip to the wheel, as the adhesive surface provides a very strong hold!

3. Oil Filter Removal Keys

10 useful auto products from Aliexpress that will make life easier for any car owner
Oil Filter Removal Keys

Almost every car owner knows that the oil filter needs to be tightened only by hand, but when it comes time to change the oil, the filter in most cases cannot be unscrewed! In this case, under no circumstances should a hammer, chisel and pry bar be used to avoid damage to the threaded socket on which the filter is screwed! In this case, a special filter remover with an automatic clamping mechanism will help. There are three types of wrenches to choose from before you buy – with a plastic clamping strap, with a segmented metal clamping mechanism or with a chain! All three oil filter removal wrenches do their job perfectly, and differ only in cost and durability! Some people prefer cheap plastic, others prefer durable metal, albeit more expensive! Which one will you choose?

4. Air blow gun

10 useful auto products from Aliexpress that will make life easier for any car owner
Air blow gun

When repairing and servicing a car, it is often necessary to blow out the technological holes to clear them of dust, dirt or oil. This is especially important before screwing the bolts into the threaded holes. If oil or water remains in them, then problems cannot be avoided, since liquids are practically not compressed, and with great effort, the part may rupture or crack! In order to be able to effectively blow out such holes even in hard-to-reach places, it is necessary to buy a blow gun with a long nose. With a hose-connected air blow gun handy, you can get to the most awkward places for blowing out and cleaning the holes from dust, dirt and liquids!

5. Tire Breaker

10 useful auto products from Aliexpress that will make life easier for any car owner
Tire Breaker

In an ordinary garage, every car owner will be able to independently disassemble and fence a wheel, if this unique tire disassembling machine is at hand! By its principle of operation, this is a classic tire changer, but at the same time it is much simpler and, accordingly, much cheaper than a professional machine. Such a tire disassembly machine will come in handy not only in a car service, but also in almost any garage, the owner of which knows how to work with his hands! It is very easy to remove the rubber from the disc and install it back, anyone who has purchased such a machine will be able to! And this is a significant saving of time and money, because now you do not have to go to the tire changers for every occasion!

6. Portable lift

10 полезных автотоваров с Aliexpress, которые упростят жизнь любому автовладельцу
Portable lift

Portable scissor car lift, this is a must-have tool in every car workshop! But even in an ordinary garage, such a lift will be in great demand. Compared to the classic post lift, this portable lift has a significant advantage in its compact size. By installing such a lift under the car, you can easily and quickly raise it to a small height, sufficient for repair and maintenance. Due to the design features of the lift, it can be fully used even when lifting old cars with rusty thresholds, since the lift is carried out through a large area of ​​the bottom of the body, and not through the thresholds! It is worth buying such a car lift in the garage, and repairing the car will immediately become much easier!

7. Hydraulic fluid change pump

10 useful auto products from Aliexpress that will make life easier for any car owner
Hydraulic fluid change pump

When changing brake fluid, it is often necessary to unscrew the hoses, which leads to the fact that fluid spills, contaminating both the car and the garage. The driver who maintains his car also often gets dirty and spoiled his nerves from such a dirty job! Well, it’s enough! Done with the dirty work, as when using a hydraulic vacuum pump to change fluids, these problems are a thing of the past! In order to replace the brake fluid, you need to connect the pump to the compressor, and put a special hose into the brake fluid reservoir or connect it to the wheel fitting for pumping out the brake fluid. The suction power of the liquid is regulated using a conventional valve, which regulates the air supply from the compressor through the pump! The pump is so easy to work with that everyone can handle it!

8. Sticky trunk strap

10 useful auto products from Aliexpress that will make life easier for any car owner
Sticky trunk strap

In order to secure the fire extinguisher in the trunk of the car, you can use special fixing straps made of nylon. The delivery set includes four straps, two of them are short for gluing to the fire extinguisher itself, and two are long and are used to attach the fire extinguisher to the trunk wall. In order to secure the fire extinguisher, it is necessary to remove the protective film from the short straps and glue them to the fire extinguisher itself, which is attracted to the trunk wall by means of long straps, the Velcro of which firmly adheres to the Velcro on the fire extinguisher. These belts can also be used to fasten other products, although sellers offer them specifically for fastening fire extinguishers weighing up to 4 kilograms!

9. Storage box in the car

10 useful auto products from Aliexpress that will make life easier for any car owner
Storage box in the car

In order for the trunk of the car not to turn into a large glove compartment, it is necessary to install a box in it for storing various things. This drawer can be compared to a small car chest of drawers, in the compartments of which you can place a lot of things. In order not to get lost small things, there are drawers, and for larger items there is a fairly spacious main compartment. This storage box will come in handy both for daily commutes and when traveling, when you have to take a lot of different things and food with you. Such a glove box is useful for every car owner, but those who have small children simply cannot do without it! You can easily and conveniently pack all your belongings into the compartments of the drawer and not worry about them getting lost!

10. Mirror DVR with Rear View Camera

10 useful auto products from Aliexpress that will make life easier for any car owner
Mirror DVR with Rear View Camera

The car DVR built into the mirror is equipped with a rear-view camera, the image from which is displayed directly in the mirror itself. The recorder lens with a resolution of 5 megapixels, shoots with a viewing angle of 140 degrees, which provides an excellent picture of what is happening around the car. When buying a DVR, you can choose the option yourself without a flash drive, or with a flash card for 16, 32 or 64 gigabytes. The DVR with two cameras provides one-sided footage from the front and a real-time display of what is happening behind the car on the display built into the rearview mirror. This arrangement facilitates movement and does not interfere with visibility, since there will be no additional devices in front of the driver’s eyes in addition to the usual rear-view mirror!

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